Wednesday, November 26, 2014

A bull is saved

A gay Irish bull called Benjy has been saved from the abattoir. Good news like this doesn’t come along every day, so I’m making the most of it by clapping my hands and singing Hallelujah. The bull had been sent to a stud farm to impregnate cows, but unlike the cowboys in Brokeback Mountain he refused to act like a regular gun-slinging dude. Instead, he flirted outrageously with his fellow bulls, which did not impress the owner of the establishment. Realising that Benjy was a dud stud, he booked an appointment with a slaughterhouse to change him into a hunk of meat more lifeless than Channing Tatum.

Fortunately for Benjy, news of his impending butchery was reported to the press and reached the ears of Sam Simon, co-creator of The Simpsons. This soft-hearted cartoonist put his cash on the line to save the bull from a fate worse than butt sex. Maybe Benjy reminded him of Smithers, the gay manservant of Mr Burns who served his boss so devotedly. Whatever the subtext, the bull was spared and sent to a sanctuary in England, where he now mingles freely with other gay beasts.

Beef-eating carnivores should be especially pleased with this outcome. They can now tuck into burgers and steaks without worrying about whether they are feasting on the flesh of a gay martyr. If I were the CEO of McDonalds, I would guarantee that none of the meat served under the golden arches came from animals that were killed because of their sexual orientation or political beliefs. People who eat hamburgers have a right to know that the beef they are chewing comes from dumb livestock too reactionary to adopt minority lifestyles. Customers of the fast food industry shouldn’t be expected to navigate such political minefields.

One way of preventing this kind of persecution is to adopt sexual practices that transcend the gay/straight divide. A hermaphrodite sea slug that lives in the Pacific Ocean is provoking much wonder among Japanese scientists. Lacking fluency in Japanese, the BBC asked a museum curator called Bernard Picton to explain its mating habits:

“The penis from one fits into the female opening of the other one, and the penis from that one fits into the female opening of the first one, if you see what I mean,” he said. “I haven't seen anything like this before,” he added.

The most fascinating thing of all about this creature is that its penis is disposable. It discards it after mating and grows another one when the need arises, avoiding the burden of carrying useless baggage.

Humans often boast about how inventive they are, but they have never matched the sexual ingenuity of this sea slug. I suppose lesbians who wear strap-ons have come quite close, but even they would admit that attaching a plastic phallus to your loins isn’t quite as good as growing a real one. I hope this story will make humans humble as the Christmas season approaches. Those who recognise their own limitations will have more compassion for gay bulls and other oppressed fauna.

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Every time I come here, I am always amazed by the oddities I learn :)

So relieved the gay bull was saved! I wonder if there is another gay bull at his sanctuary? Otherwise, it's kind of sad that he'll won't have anyone to love.

Apparently homosexuality is quite common in the animal kingdom and hundreds of different species have been observed and recorded at it. Benjy is fast becoming a celebrity, a kind of bovine Oscar Wilde. Good luck to him. At least it won't be us humans eating his rump
I give it 5 years before American geneticists are extracting the DNA from the seaslug and seeing if they can inject it into gender reassigned humans for cash.
Has anyone made the 'go fuck yourself, sea slug' joke yet? No? May I be the first.

Have you read the subsequent story about our Benjy? He now give 'em a beefy transvestite show in the barn on Thursdays at 10:30.
Every time I get jealous of the sea slug that can grow a penis at will, I remember this one fact - it's a sea slug.
Another friend for Bad Toro, to increase the diversity of his mission!

It would be interesting if every burger had to come with a printed biography of the cow it derived from, with a photo, birthday, summary of hobbies, and video tour of its accommodations leading up to its transformation into an all-beef patty.
The idea of a disposable penis is intriguing, GB. Where does the creature dispose of its penis? Is there a hermaphrodite sea slug dispensary, compost field, or recycling bin? Do the used ones go on sale? The issue raises so many questions.
Kinley: I believe there are gays of all species in the sanctuary. England has plenty of gay fauna.

Joe: Yes, that's very true. There was a gay gorilla in our neighbourhood called "Passion Fruit".

Steve: I think its genes would be more suitable for turning men into women. You don't want your knob dropping off if you're trying to become a man.

Exile: I'm not sure its penis is flexible enough to do that, but it would indeed be an apt insult. I've never seen a transvestite bull - does it wear ribbons on its horns?

Michael: Yes, think of all that salt water that gets into its orifices.

Ninja: Haha, it's quite a coincidence that we're talking bull at the same time! I've got a feeling Bad Toro isn't very tolerant of gay bulls, though.

Robyn: It's pains me to say this, Robyn, but I think the penis is donated to the big ocean food bank. Nothing is wasted in Nature.
I'm so glad that Benji is out of harms way! You've really outdone yourself with this story, GB! I love your thoughts on McDonald's hamburgers: "People have the right to know that the beef they are chewing comes from dumb livestock too reactionary to adopt minority lifestyles." I also loved your in depth look at hermaphrodie sea slugs. Thanks for your educational and entertaining investigation into the bizarre mating, dating, and waiting rituals by land and sea!

I can't decide what is sexier. Benji the bull, the hermaphrodite sea slug, or Channing Tatum
24-hours later the slug gets a new penis and is able to mate again-- Wow, talk about one "super stud slug"
It appears your blog is a veritable smorgasbord. Each post as diverse as the next...

Gay Irish bulls, beef-eating carnivores, the gay/straight divide, sea-slugs, and disposable penises no less.

I shall wait with bated breath for your next post.

Most enjoyable indeed :)

Saturday 29 November, 4:40 am, Madrid, just back from a night of fun at the Kapital Cllub (best night club ever) slightly the worst for wear, and I'm laughing my head off at your reply to my comment. Passion Fruit?!?! Quality 😄
Quite interesting, and a very funny post. Saw you on Billy Pilgrim's site. I'll visit again.
Julie: Thank you, Julie, I'm glad you enjoyed it. And I'm sure the sea slug would love your "mating, dating and waiting" triple-rhyme as much as I did!

Jimmy: It's a difficult choice, Jimmy. Maybe you'd need to go on dates with all three before deciding. I expected you to comment about my suggestion for certifying the meat in McDonald's
hamburgers. You do eat them, don't you?

Cocaine Princess: It may achieve high frequency, Miss Princess, but we don't know about its performance.

Wendy: Thank you, Wendy. My posts do appear somewhat random, but I hope you'll see a pattern emerge as you continue to read them!

Joe: Glad to have amused you, Joe. I'm sure the beverages you consumed at the night club had nothing to do with your appreciation!

Dixie: Thank you, Miss Dixie, I look forward to your future visits!
What a lovely story! Go gay beef!
Well that was a rather unusual story, now wasn't it. I never would have known about this one if I hadn't read it here.
"The Japing Ape" has been included in our Sites To See #417. Be assured that we hope this helps to point many new visitors in your direction.
Ms Smack: Hello, Ms Smack! Long time no see! What have you been up to?

Mary: I like to keep my readers informed of neglected snippets of news, Mary. It's so you won't be caught off guard by events below the radar.

Jerry: Thank you, Mr Beuterbaugh. I accept your assurance with humble gratitude.
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