Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Wide open marriage

Great is my admiration for the British police officer who did not attempt to conceal his marriage to a call girl. The husbands of prostitutes have been stigmatised for far too long – they must come out of the closet and demand the same recognition as other minority groups. PC Scott Frost was told by his superiors at the Metropolitan Police that his wife’s occupation was of no concern to them, provided that he wasn’t her pimp. Pimping is illegal in the United Kingdom.

As for Mrs Frost, I’m pleased to report that she’s equally unconcerned about being outed as the wife of a policeman. Busty Sarah Jane, as she likes to be known, is as keen as ever to provide her services to fee-paying customers. This is how she describes herself on her website:

“I love sex and I love meeting new people. I’m fun, friendly and my cheeky smile and natural curvy figure will put you at ease in no time.”

To back up her claims, she discloses a bust size of 36G. I have no way of verifying this measurement, but studying the picture below should give you a ballpark indication.

Being married to a sex worker must have its peculiar challenges. Do you ask her whether she had a good day at work? Do you help her to shop for the tools of her trade? Do you allow her to work from home or insist that she rents an office? There ought to be a support group called ‘Husbands of Hookers’ to work through such issues. Maybe every town needs a social worker who can respond to their special needs.

There are pluses as well as minuses, of course. As a self-employed trader, the tart can claim a lot of tax-deductions; she ought to be flexible about vacation dates; she can work overtime whenever the family budget needs balancing. Her lucky husband gets free-of-charge what everyone else has to pay for. Men who propose to prostitutes must have this perk at the forefront of their minds. I bet they are chuckling wickedly at the prospect when they put the ring on her finger.

Sadly, there are reactionary types whose trust in the police will be diminished if policemen choose to marry sex workers. Whores have an unfortunate association with crime, even though they are far more likely to be victims than perpetrators. Admittedly, a lot of them must be fiddling their taxes, but who wouldn’t do that in their situation? The solution, as ever, is more information and positive reporting about the lives of these industrious and good-natured women.

Now that Mrs Frost is in the public eye, perhaps she should do her bit for the sisterhood by going on a speaking tour. She may not be natural public speaker, but such skills can be acquired with practice. Anyone who can plant her jahoobies in the face of a strange man should have no fear of an audience. I, for one, would pay good money to attend one of her seminars.

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Hell, I say as long as their happy and hurting no, let them be. Cool that his coworkers didn't care either. And speaking of 36G I hear Anne Marie made the news today making naked snow angels in her neighborhood.
@maddie - hush yo mouf, girl! :)

nice boobs...kinda look like mine, but I would never expose them in public.
I don't think I could ever visit a prostitute. I'm strung too tight. Sex usually involves a lot of pleading for me. Does it cost extra if you ask your prostitute to refuse sex? Doesn't that go against the whole spirit of the transaction?
what's the over/under betting line?

i give it 2 years.
So what does Mr. Frost get out of this deal? First dibs?
Hello from Idaho and stop in from Mr Rosewater. Why not be married to prostitute as far I'm concern no one commenting adultery. Everything up front...better then those who are holly then thou.
If you fine the time stop in for a cup of coffee.
Is that a third boobie at the bottom of the photo, GB? No wonder she can keep her hubs and a customer busy at the same time.
Mistress Maddie: Naked snow angels? Is that a poetic term for the jahoobies? I hope she warmed them up afterwards!

Anne Marie: Yes, I like them too. I'm going to look at that picture whenever you mention your one owns!

Exile: My guess is that she would take your money but feel a little offended. Or maybe she would assume you were gay.

Mr Rosewater: It's difficult to be optimistic, but maybe they'll defy the odds.

Jimmy: He gets free dibs, Jimmy. It's like McDonalds offering free Big Macs.

Dora: Hello and welcome, Dora. I might take you up on your offer!

Robyn: Haha, Robyn, I noticed that too! Do you think it could be her outie belly button?
PC Frost got himself thawed.

Why does she look like she has a third breast?

I haven't made love to a woman in many years, but I've been practicing.
As long as every one is ok with what the other is doing and no one is getting hurt, let everyone do what they want.
Whoa, where did this story come from?! I started reading and was like whaaaaaat?? haha.. -
I think she lied about her breast size. I don't know why prostitution is so stigmatized. If sex is consensual, whatever. It's fine. I like to think I have a backup plan, if things go really sour in the mighty coloring book industry AND my husband drops dead or (worse yet) we should divorce.
I hope it works out for them.

I wonder what the Vegas odds are on the two of themmaking it long-term.

Do situations like this arise in the gorilla community, or is this unique to humans?
Jules: Haha, Jules, let's hope he doesn't get overcooked! It may be her belly button.

Jono: They say practice makes perfect, but that might depend on what you're practising with.

Mary: You're so right, Mary, but what about her clients? Should they be allowed to object to the marriage?

Gingi: It's the kind of human interest story that's very popular with free newspapers.

Shoshonah: I'm sure you'd make a pretty good living from it, Shoshonah.:) But I hope your colouring books remain popular.

Harry Hamid: No gorilla would ever pay hard cash for sex, Mr Hamid. Paying in fruit is a different matter. But I can't think of a situation is entirely analogous.
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