Wednesday, January 04, 2017

Police story

A British policewoman has been allowed to keep her job after exposing her breasts to a junior colleague. The peculiar circumstances of the case suggest it wasn’t an attempt at seduction, although I’m not entirely convinced there wasn’t a sexual motive. The adjudicating panel cited the exemplary service record of Assistant Chief Constable Rebekah Sutcliffe in justifying their decision, but I doubt they would have been so lenient if her breasts had been offered as face cushions. There are some things you can’t get away with in the British police force.

What drove Ms Sutcliffe, aged 47, to bare her bosom? It happened after she learnt that a rookie policewoman under her command had received breast implants. For some reason, Ms Sutcliffe found this infuriating, and resolved to give the melon-chested upstart a piece of her mind. She told her that a policewoman with surgically enhanced titties had zero credibility and no prospects for career advancement. Not content with mere words, she then exposed her own chest, saying:

“Look at these, look at these – these are the breasts of someone who has had three children. They are ugly but I don’t feel the need to pump myself full of silicone to get self-esteem.”

It goes without saying that one does not expect such theatrical displays from British policewomen, unless they are on holiday, on a hen night, or totally pissed. This is why I am inclined to believe it was indicative of a subconscious sexual desire. Describing her own breasts as ugly suggests a fetish for humiliation often found in humans of high authority. Or maybe she was just fishing for compliments. Imagine what would have happened if the young policewoman had responded to Ms Sutcliffe’s outburst by saying:

“Your tits aren’t ugly, they’re delicious, and I want to have them for breakfast and lunch.”

My guess is that five minutes later there would have been crazy dyke action on a king-size bed. If I were a producer of porn films, I would offer Ms Sutcliffe a contract without delay. There must be a huge market for material where nubile young females ravish and despoil the jahoobies of bossy older women. I wouldn’t even call it a niche.

Irrespective of the decision to let her off with a reprimand, I doubt Ms Sutcliffe has much of a future in the police force. Ironically, it is her own career that has now been fatally damaged. A policewoman with breast implants might eventually be accepted as a dedicated public servant, but a policewoman who has exposed her own breasts is permanently branded as a figure of ridicule. If she doesn’t want to be a porn star, I think she has to find some other media career. A woman who has boasted about the ugliness of her boobs is likely to attract a lot of curiosity and potentially many fans. If she exploits her fame to the fullest degree, I have a feeling that ugly could become the new beautiful.

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mine are totes 100% REAL; no plastic, just natural. you would probably like them!
Mine are exquisite miniatures.
@ Anne Marie- He would probably like them? Hell...they'd probably hurt him!!!!!
Never actually seeing these said bobbies or any for that matter, I shall stay quite. Carry On.
I wonder how the decision to leave her n the job was made. I mean, what went into the decision?

In the US, she would have been history. Gone. We don't tolerate thoughts of bare bodies.

Unless she was stripping down for our President Elect, in which case her bare parts would have been named as national parks.
What a boobish move. I care enough about my drooping girls to refrain from exposing them to perky imposters.
Two things:

1."a policewoman with surgically enhanced titties had zero credibility..." I'm slightly begging to differ. I would say that breasts pointed at innocent bystanders like they were guns aimed at youu are incredibly threatening and a convincing way to get people who think they're all that to defer to you. I may be biased given that I'm an ass kind of man.
2. Maybe she was totally pissed, just in the non-booze kind of way, as in pissed off.

What pisses me off is that ugly breasts don't necessarily have the right to be heard (and seen). Could it be that beautiful breasts would have been fine and that what we're teally dealing with here is a case of breast discrimination? No?
And here in America the cops fixate on doughnuts.
Hail, Britannia!
I had a coworker who had breast implants and asked coworkers, "want to see them?" If the coworker said yes, they went to a private room, and she bared her chest. I was never invited, so this is all rumor and heresay-- but three of my coworkers told me they had seen her new boobs, so I'm inclined to believe it. No one complained afterwards, and I have since quit, but I believe her career has been quite perky since then.
Anne Marie: I like them already, Anne Marie! Would they make good face cushions?

Pop Tart: They sound delectable, Ms Pop Tart. They say that more than a mouthful is a waste. :)

Mistress Maddie: We should view them together, Mistress. If you don't want to participate, that's fine. You can be the umpire. :)

Nasreen: I think it's because her intentions were good. She was just trying to give some career advice.

Robyn: I would guess you have more to conceal than that policewoman, Robyn! I hope you let your girls out once in a while!

Blue Grumpster: You have my respect for being an ass man, but your fear of boobs overdone. Stories of them being used as deadly weapons are pure fantasy. As for the policewoman, who knows how ugly her breasts are? I won't pass judgement until I've seen them.

Al: I refuse to believe there are no boob-obsessed police officers in America. They must be keeping a low profile until Trump is sworn in.

Shoshanah: I believe it too - it's only natural to want your co-workers to admire things you've paid good money for. I'm sure it did wonders for morale in the workplace!

Where do you find these news items?

That sure is a weird story. I think the young lady saw those nasty hooters and knew more than ever that she made the right decision to get her own done.
People are crazy. I'll not be exposing mine just because someone else says they have fakes ones.
A nurse once flashed her boobs at me in the sluce at work

I laughed
Seriously what a childish move! Mmm, I suspect a little jealousy.
While not obsessed with boobs, I would be grateful to anyone willing to share a glimpse of whatever they have. I am always appreciative of someone trying to make my day a little nicer.
Dr Ken: It must have upset her, Dr Ken, because she reported the incident. Would seeing nasty hooters have that effect on you?

Mary: I'm sure you would only only expose yours in a national emergency, Mary! Or in the shower.

John: I hope the nurse wasn't offended. I would have thanked her out of courtesy.

Cocaine Princess: I think she was saying that policewomen shouldn't care about what their boobs like look, Miss Princess. You and I may disagree, of course. :)

Jono: I quite agree. Even if the boobs are mediocre, it's the thought that counts.
The police women should not be upset.. beauty one day will fade for all of us.. even gorillas.
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