Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Baywatch fantasy

Pamela Anderson is such a good sport! In a recent interview, she revealed that she has often indulged the fantasies of her boyfriends by adopting her Baywatch persona and re-enacting scenes from the much loved TV show. By way of illustration, she gave the following anecdote:

“One of my boyfriends wanted rescuing from the bed. So I jumped in the shower, got all wet, and frisky and then did the slow-mo run all the way from the shower to the double bed. I think he was pretty satisfied with the performance.”

If you think that was no big deal, do some research on how a “serious” actress like Sharon Stone reacts to men who expect her to behave like one of the characters she has played. You will find her whining about ex-lovers who hankered after “that woman on the screen” instead of her, for which misdemeanour they were haughtily rebuffed and shown the door.

Pamela, by contrast, has the sunny disposition of a woman who doesn’t overanalyse her relationships. She clearly has neither the expectation nor the wish for men to gaze into the inner depths of her soul. Consequently, she is more than happy to use the armoury in her acting repertoire to entertain her gallants. You have to admire a woman who doesn’t make a fuss and gets on with the job in hand, no matter how unusual the request.

Now Pamela is certainly a lucky woman who has milked her talent for every drop of sustenance it could provide, but that doesn’t mean her life has been free of aggravation. I’m sorry to say she is one of the growing band of celebrities who has been tormented by a stalker. In the same interview, she disclosed that the stalker had not only spied on her furtively but broken into her home to harass her in person. This disturbed individual was a woman who attempted to placate Pamela with the following invidious assertions:

“I’m not a lesbian, I just want to touch you.”

I’m glad to say that Pamela was not beguiled by these words and asked the police to intervene before any touching could occur. Had I been the stalkee, I would have told the stalker that not being a lesbian is nothing to be proud of. Pamela should have said that she wouldn’t want to be touched by a woman unless she was a lesbian, and a pretty damned hot one too!

When all is said and done, you have to give Pamela her due for still getting all this attention at the age of 49. Why is she still newsworthy? It can’t be because of her oversized bosom, which lost its ability to shock and amaze a long time ago. No one should dismiss Pamela as a walking pair of melons. My guess is that people find her uncomplicated personality engaging. It’s much easier to be loved by the masses if you’re an earnest simpleton who is devoid of any pretensions or conceit.

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as plastic stuffed as the kardashian/jenner klan!
"You have to admire a woman who doesn’t make a fuss and gets on with the job in hand, no matter how unusual the request" I feel the same way Gorilla. I have the feeling she and I would be bosom buddies. And the health challenges she's conquered.
I'd let any woman touch me, lesbian or no.
Ooooh ooooh, ageism there! "you have to give Pamela her due for still getting all this attention at the age of 49" I'm still hoping for a romp with Helen Mirren, Kristin Scott Thomas and/or Joanna Lumley....expecting a healthy Gorilla slap for this comment...
Pamela Anderson was also famously stalked by the character Borat, though it is not surprising to see the same happening in real life as well
I'm with Al P. on this one and I thought Borat was at it again.
Anne Marie: I doubt she's been stuffed with anything made of plastic, Anne Marie. Nothing but the highest quality silicone rubber.

Mistress: I don't doubt it for a second, Mistress. I'm sure she'd be delighted to visit your magic island and hand out prizes. :)

Al: I'd advise you to check her fist size first. Be careful what you wish for.

Nota Bene: Did I say she wasn't still good for a romp? I reckon you'd have a better chance with Pamela than Helen Mirren, but don't expect to get your name into the gossip rags.

Jimmy: Borat was in love with her! Do you remember how upset he was about his friend having a 'hand party' while thinking about Pamela?

Al: Borat didn't stalk her, he chased her. There was nothing sneaky or furtive about what he did.
That's an awful lot of trouble to go through for the sake of a touch - breaking in AND declaring you're not a lesbian. I'd rather stage an "accidental" bumping into of bodies on the beach.
I really liked Baywatch.
pam's a board member of the sea shepherd conservation society so she can do no wrong in my eyes.

i wonder what she does with captain watson?
Pamela seemed like a very loving and giving lover in that sex tape of her and Tommy Lee. Have you seen it? They were very much in love, and it's kind of beautiful to see, as odd as that sounds. I wish she had done a Baywatch rescue reenactment somewhere in there. They were on a boat, so it would have been easy to set the scene.
I agree, Mr. Gorilla Bananas. I think her simple, lovely homely ways are what make her so attractive.
Robyn: Dead right, Robyn! Pamela has often been touched on the beach and why mention lesbians at all? Let her bring up the subject if she wants to!

Mary: So many people did, Mary. Did you like Pamela's character?

Mr Rosewater: Yes, bless her, she's always been a friend of the animal kingdom. Are she and Captain Watson an item?

Ken: Well, Dr Ken, I assumed that sex tape would be too ridiculous to watch, but now you've given me food for thought. In general, I think the French are better at it, but maybe Pammy and Tommy did America proud!

Jules: Do you think she'd make a good pet, Jules? I wouldn't mind feeding her by hand.
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