Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Son of Kirk

William Shatner has said he’s the luckiest man on Earth, and who could possibly disagree with him? Notice that he said “man” and not “human”. He’s obviously not as lucky as those women who can have 12 orgasms in a minute. Nevertheless, he is justly proud of his many achievements and good deeds.

“I've got a beautiful wife, three beautiful children and I've raised a large amount of money for charity,” he declared.

Now, there are some trekkies who think Picard was a better captain than Kirk. I don’t agree with them. Picard was an uptight character who never let his hair down in front of the crew, whereas Kirk was a cool dude who could horse around and flirt with the alien chicks. This made him a better ambassador for humanity than Picard, because no one wants to make friends with a goody-two-shoes species that hides all its vices and doesn’t know how to have fun. Picard was good for signing treaties after Kirk had pressed the flesh.

So why am I talking about William Shatner? I’ll tell you why! A 59-year-old man called Peter Sloan, who claims to be Shatner’s illegitimate son, is suing his alleged father for $170 million. What he has done to merit such a sum is a mystery to me. His mother put him up for adoption at the age of five, and his foster parents did a perfectly good job of raising him. Maybe they would be entitled to ask Shatner to recompense them for their time and trouble, but Sloan’s demand for cash is pure brazen audacity.

You could argue, of course, that Shatner should have done the decent thing and raised the boy in his own home. That would be ignoring the reaction of Mrs Shatner, who might well have sued for divorce on discovering her husband had fathered a bastard son. It’s a foolish captain who causes his ship to capsize by taking on an extra cabin boy.

Much as I’m rooting for Shatner in this dispute, one aspect of his strategy does worry me: he is denying paternity out of hand. His publicist made the following statement on his behalf:

“Mr Shatner has three lovely daughters, but no sons ... Mr Shatner is aware of the lawsuit, but there's nothing there because he isn't his father.”

Sloan insists that Shatner admitted to being his father in private and now wants a DNA test to settle the matter. At the age of 85, Shatner might be playing for time in the belief that he’ll be dead before the court orders him to comply. I would have preferred to see him acknowledge his son, while condemning him for his greed and unwarranted sense of entitlement.

Of course, this lawsuit could only arise because American courts have got a reputation for giving people large sums of money for no good reason. As we say in the Congo, if you feed one crocodile, be prepared to feed ten the next time.

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Captain Kirk is 85? No flippin' way!

So, here's a story for the Captain's log then.

I see Peter must be looking for his 59 years of missing pocket money. What 59 year old suddenly decides this is the heart warming way to a loving Father-Son relationship? Surely he wants him to push him on the swings or teach him how to fish, no? What on earth can $170 million do for him at this age other than buy him an Aston Martin, a yacht replete with topless, loving models and a castle in Southern France? I don't get it.
I don't believe the claim.
I find this all very hard to swallow. And the supposed son has creepy eyes...bug like.
Sloan is stupid. He's clearly a Trump - look at that orange skin pigmentation. He could get a lot more money by suing his real father, Donald Trump. What an idiot!
He's the luckiest man on Earth because he's raised a large amount of money for William Shatner, all with minimal skills and talent. I'd be thrilled, too. Is he really 85? Wow.
Captain Berk of Captain's Blog would thoroughly agree with you, were he not currently vacating at the Afterlife Mountain Resort.
Jules: Missed pocket money! Now why didn't I think of that, Jules? Yes, that must be the reason! And maybe he needs his own spaceship too, so he can follow in his daddy's footsteps.

Ms Pop Tart: Can't you see the family resemblance, Ms Pop Tart?

Mistress Maddie: Yes, I wonder if he's part alien. His daddy did have a reputation for that sort of thing.

Robyn: Maybe he's too ashamed to admit he's Trump's son, Robyn. Some facts are too humiliating for money to heal.

Exile: I would guess he stopped worrying about money about 45 years ago. One of the perks of being filthy rich is that money stops being important in your life.

Mosha: Ah, I remember that blog! I think his warp drive ran out of fuel about 10 years ago!
I, too, think Shatner's Kirk was the best captain. This how I rate Star Trek captains:
1. Kirk (original)
2. New Kirk
3. Picard
4. Archer
5. Janeway
6. Sisko
Yes, I am THAT big a nerd.

after watching those rental car commercials for what seemed like an eternity, the mere mention of picard makes me nauseous.

i wouldn't be surprised if that nasty little takei is behind all this nonsense with sloan.
If the guy was given up for adoption then why does he think he's entitled to a cent?

Giving you creds for today's post. And who says we can't inspire (or even plagiarize) each other?
the only thing that the so-called son has in common with the so-called-father is the receding hairline and my sons have that
too !!
why is there no DNA test? Come on faux son
go make your own life, your an idiot.

Mr Shatner always struck me as rather weird in a completely barking kind of a way. I could be wrong...
Al: I never knew there were that many captains! Was Janeway the bossy woman who spoke like Katherine Hepburn?

Mr Rosewater: I'm glad I haven't seen those commercials, because Captain Picard shouldn't be promoting outdated combustion engine technology. Wasn't Sulu jealous of Chekov?

Mary: Because Shatner is filthy rich and juries are stupid.

Anonymous: You're more confident of what the test will reveal than I am. Apparently his biological mother was an actress that Shatner squired.

Mrs Table: Did you find Kirk weird, Mrs Table? A lot of women fancied Kirk!
Re: Janeway. Bingo.
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