Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Bank robbery

Tourists often ask me how a gorilla can prevent his stuff getting stolen in the jungle. I tell them I am an abstemious ape who carries few possessions and keep his valuables in a bank vault in Brazzaville. “What could a thief pilfer from a man that he could also pilfer from me?” I ask. They never come up with a valid suggestion.

However, the strange case of a Puerto Rican salsa singer has given me pause for thought. He claims that his sperm was stolen to be used in a manner of which he did not approve. This is not a form of theft I have any protection against, although I’d like to think the varmints around here have better things to do with their time. Hatching a plot to steal a gorilla’s jism is not what I’d expect of your typical jungle outlaw, not least because of the difficulty in fencing the loot.

The salsa singer, whose name is Maelo Ruiz, says his manly secretions were unlawfully procured by a woman called Karla Ankara Toledo Cova, who successfully impregnated herself to bear his twin daughters. He claims that she did not need to perform the delicate task of extracting the goods from his person, because he had taken the unusual step of storing his semen a sperm bank. He says he did this to enable his wife to bear his children if he suffered an untimely death. It’s an unusual precaution for a 49-year-old man to take, but his picture suggests he’s not in the pink of health.

Ms Toleda Cova, of course, has her own side to the story. As a former acquaintance of Mr Ruiz, she says he impregnated her in the conventional manner and is now trying to shirk his duties. I would not dismiss her claims out of hand, because her picture indicates that she’s not a woman who would struggle to persuade a man to plant his seed in her flowerpot. Mr Ruiz insists that he was not tempted by her voluptuous body and I want to believe him, but maybe he should take a lie-detector test to banish our nagging doubts. The fat man must go the extra mile to prove he didn’t eat the complimentary cookie.

If Mr Ruiz is telling the truth, what then? His twin daughters can’t be blamed for the manner of their conception, and they won’t be helped by sending their mother to prison. Although he has every right to be furious that a devious floozy stole and misused his potent nut-sap, there comes a time when the alpha male must stop thumping his chest and take a pragmatic view. If I were his lawyer, I would advise him to make a generous financial settlement on condition that Ms Toleda Cova withdraw her scurrilous allegations and hang her head in shame. Not a penny would she get until she publicly confessed her sins, disordering her hair and exposing her breasts in Homeric fashion. No mercy without penitence, as we say in the jungle.

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she's a slut and he's a loser. the kids deserve better parents.
Hell, I can't give my sperm away.

That big blog gets that sexpot? Musicians have it made. Billy Joel, who looks like a frog, has had a sting of hot wives. Back in the day, Ric Ocasek, The Cars singer who looks like a grasshopper, married Paulina Porizkova. I should've taken some guitar or piano lessons.
I'm not buying it. No. He's just got the mardy's cos her tits are bigger than his. Just.

With all due respect, if she was going to nick somebody spunk I think she could have made far better choices. Then again, she probably can't see where she's going.
I have my own opinion of what really happened.

Saving one's sperm by an older guy is not usual.
What woman wouldn't want to be impregnated by this Puerto Rican Homer Simpson? They ought to go on the Jerry Springer show and settle this once and for all.
The only reason I'm slightly suspicious of his claims, GB, is because I can't imagine women at a sperm bank fighting for his deposit.
Lends new meaning to the term, "Stick 'em up."
Unrelated, "Salsa" singer? We never hear of a "ketchup" singer.
maybe my eyesight is fading but those wonderful children bear a striking resemblance to hugo chavez.

what lady would want a dead president for the father of her children when she could snare a studly salsa singer.
Anne Marie: So you don't believe she stole the sperm, Anne Marie? A sperm thief isn't a slut, although he would be a loser in literal sense. :)

Exile: I think you have to be in a successful band as well as playing an instrument. I'm not sure how many buskers have hot wives. Can you remember the guy that Debbie Harry loyally stayed with? He was a member of the band, but no Adonis.

Jules: Tit-envy is a terrible thing, Jules. Almost as bad a penis-envy. He ought to join a support group to control his festering resentment.

Pop Tart: You sound like Lieutenant Columbo, Ms Pop Tart! I bet you can think of a way of making the guilty ones reveal their guilt. :)

Jimmy: He's got a much better singing voice than Homer, Jimmy, and a lot more cash too. Those are the things matter to some women.

Robyn: I can't imagine that either, Robyn. Maybe they mistakenly put his deposits in the Antonio Banderas crate.

Al: Is that what you'd say if you were forcing a woman to impregnate herself with someone's sperm at gunpoint? I would try persuasion first.

Mr Rosewater: Funny you should say that, because Ms Toleda Cova is from Venezuela. Maybe she's a relative of his.
RE: "He said he kept it(sperm) in a secret location"

I'm honestly at a loss for words at this story.

It really doesn't matter how the kids came to be. If they are proven to be his he has no choice but to pay child support.
Cocaine Princess: That's ok, Miss Princess, you can borrow my ones. :)

Mary: That's true, Mary, but what about the sperm bank? Shouldn't they reimburse him if they didn't keep it safe?
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