Friday, September 14, 2012

Monkee business

I recently got an email from a fan of the Monkees, berating me for not writing a post about Davy Jones, who sadly died of a heart attack earlier this year. Here is an excerpt from the message:

I’ve searched your blog and you’ve never mentioned the Monkees once. If you’re really a gorilla they should be your favourite band, but you’re always banging on about Paul McCartney and The Beatles. Why?

In replying to the email, I pointed out that Paul McCartney is a self-declared friend of the gorilla nation, who has praised our diet, our physique and our divorce laws. I would have written posts about him if he’d been the bass player of Herman’s Hermits.

Although it’s true that I’ve never mentioned the Monkees (until now), let no one interpret this as a snub. Muchly do I like them, even though they were scorned and derided for not playing on their own records. The end-product is what matters to a gorilla. Daydream Believer is definitely one of my favourite pop songs, even though I’ve never been able to make head or tail of the lyrics. Is sleepy Jean upset because the daydream believer is in love with the homecoming queen? Or is the daydream believer making Jean sleepy by telling her about his daydreams (which frankly would make me rather dozy). Oh, what can it mean?

As for Davy Jones, he was a handsome little fellow who will be sorely missed. When I heard of his untimely demise, I raced to the safari camp to inform the manager and request that the flag be flown at half-mast. Unfortunately he was out foraging for mushrooms when I arrived, so I had to tell his wife.

“Which one was Davy Jones?” she asked after I gave her the sorrowful news.

“The English one who played the tambourine,” I replied.

“Oh, how sad, that darling boy was so cute!” she lamented. “I would have loved to shampoo his sweet little head! We should fly the flag at quarter-mast for him.”

So I lowered the Congo Heraldic Ensign three-quarters of the way down the pole.

When the manager returned with his mushrooms, I told him why the flag had been lowered.

“You did the right thing,” he declared solemnly. “If Micky Dolenz had died, I would have worn a black armband as well.”

“Was he a more important member of the band?” I asked.

“Of course!” he answered. “He was the Monkee who most resembled a monkey.”

What this touching anecdote demonstrates is that the absence of a eulogy for someone in this blog does not imply a lack of appreciation. When I admire the work of great artists, I don’t immediately feel the urge to write a blog post about them like a star-struck ninny. And when they kick the bucket, I will mourn their passing in my own way, which may involve the lowering of a flag, a 21-gun salute or vigorous chest-thumping. Only egghead humans believe that words are the answer to everything.

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Upon learning of Davy's passing, I watched that famous episode of The Brady Bunch about 10 times and pretended I was Marcia so he could be my date to the dance. "Girl, look what you've done to me, me and my whole world......"
Ok, don't judge...I am a monkey but have never watched the monkeys...crazy but true. I think after reading this post I will go to hulu and watch an episode or two :)
I may have had a girl on monkey crush when I was younger. Davy Jones was so cute!

I'm not sure where I would have seen him though to tell you the truth. My parents didn't watch tv or anything like that... Hmmmm....

Oh Davey Jones, what a crush I had on him! I was so depressed when I learned he was nearer my parents' age...
Chest thumping should be done at all funerals, except by people with heart conditions.
I can't find the words to express myself (I'm sat on my dictionary, it's the only way I can reach the keyboard).

Kindly bring back the Banana Splits immediately.
Keeping it real: Davy appeared in The Brady Bunch? I never knew. I hope he got into Marsha's pants!

Monkey Man: You've never seen a single episode? Quite bizarre, but it's never too late to start. The good thing about watching the Monkees is that you don't need to concentrate. You can play Scrabble at the same time.

Laura: No TV? That's harsh! Maybe you saw him on TV at a friend's house. Or had a chance meeting with him in the park.

Amanda: Hello and welcome, Amanda. I'm sure he was closer to your age in spirit!

The Jules: But isn't it the correct thing to do when the heart stops beating? You must have done that a few times.

The Owl Wood: I hope your inarticulate condition is the result of nostalgia rather than disapproval. The Banana Splits were men in animal costumes - mildly amusing but very silly.
Being, as you pointed out, the Monkees did not play on their records, and Davey Jones played the tambourine (but I guess he wasn't really playing, and they had a professional tambourine player to fill in, in the actual recording)... Ok, my question is, if the Monkees only had to pretend play their instruments, then how in the name of sweet Jesus, did Davey Jones pick an instrument as inconsequential as the tambourine to pretend play? I guess I should not shortchange Davey, as his pretend tambourine playing was enough for people to remember his death 40 years after he was in the public eye...this is a bigger contribution to Western Civilization than I will probably leave behind, when I am gone.
davy jones croaking had no impact on my life or anyone i know. i've always had respect for the apes ability to use tools but monkey's picking fleas off each other never did much for me.
Did they bury him in a locker?
Maybe you never mentioned them because they were crap ? They were the "Boyzone" of the sixties after all.

ps I found a post on another blog about a gorilla, I think you might like it.
Forget the monkees, just watch "Lost in Space"
Oh, great! Now you have me worrying about what Daydream Believer is all about.
Bad enough I just learned that the Kink's Lola is a transvestite (L-O-L-A, Lola).

i would love some vigorous chest-thumping from you when i'm gone, GB!
Jimmy: The tambourine was his best instrument, but his contribution was bigger than that. Who do you think is the lead singer on Daydream Believer?

Billy: The Monkees were never big in Canada after making fun of lumberjacks in one of their shows.

Steve: They stuffed him and put him in the garden with the other gnomes.

Dirty Cowgirl: Maybe Boyzone tried to be the Monkees of the 90s. I don't think they succeeded given that I couldn't name them or recognise their faces.

TS Bastard: Lost in Space was terribly racist. I've never seen robots more cruelly mocked.

Al: You must be pretty naive if you never had doubts about the homecoming queen. Are you sure Lola isn't a shemale?

Jaya: I would also lower the flag for you, Jaya.
I met Davy Jones...and even kissed him! I was working in CA. at the time near Disneyland in 1975. A friend bragged he knew the group and I doubted him, so he said he would bring them in to where we worked (Shakey's Pizza Parlor). He knew I had a crush on Day. That Saturday evening around 11:30 pm (open till 2 am) in walked Mickey Dolenz and Davy Jones (along with Tommy Boyce and Bobby Hart, songwriters). I was stunned. My friend pointed me out and Davy came to the bar where I stood. He introduced himself (Hi, I'm Davy.) and struck up conversation. We talked a couple hours and then he asked for a kiss. We kissed. He asked for my phone number and I had to tell him I had a boyfriend.
To this day all my friends say I was so stupid to not have given it to him!
My encounter. Oh, and I got their autographs.
Excuse me, but I'm the bass player from Herman's Hermits. How'd you like a punch in the nose? At least I don't eat my own vomit.

Fun fact: David Bowie's real name is Davy Jones. Maybe he should reclaim it, now that the OTHER Davy Jones is out of the way.

Egghead is hands down my favorite Batman villain. He'd always work "egg" into his vocabulary. "Eggcelent." "Eggstraordinary." He once tried to fry Batman and Robin in a giant frying pan and a magnifying glass pointed at the sun. He should have just shot the Caped Crusaders. It'd have been much easier.
I'm with Owl Wood: I used to love the Banana Splits. I last saw it when I lived in Holland in 1990-92 and I still sometimes find myself singing the Dutch language version of the opening song.
Never really liked Daydream Believer, but I liked the Monkees' theme song.

Rose L: Nice story, Rose. You must have been very pretty to hold his attention for 2 hours and receive a kiss. And very honest to tell him about your boyfriend.

Mr UB: Bowie was never as good looking as Davy. If he reclaimed the name, people would notice that. Did Egghead appear in many episodes? Joker, Penguin and Catwoman seemed to hog the limelight.

Jon: There's a Dutch version of the Banana splits theme song? How could you sing it with the straight face? I think I could sing the chorus in Dutch.

Robyn: Yes, they had a great theme song. What was it's title? Hey hey with the Monkees?
If I admit to being familiar with the Monkees (and having a favourite), I'll be dating myself. Of course, I could do worse. ;)
Loved the Monkee's and their songs. If it helps, I think his passing received a 1 minute time slot on the local news, nothing like with the passing of Whitney. Thanks for the Daydream Believer I will now have yet another impression of lyrics. :) Loved the post.
when my girlfriend said she was leaving me because of my obsession with The Monkees, i thought she was joking.

and then i saw her face.
Beth: Does that mean your favourite Monkee is Peter Tork?

Gossip girl: The Monkees did sound good, didn't they? I'm not surprised you like them - you've got an ear for good music.

Globus: Were you a believer?
Now THAT'S A head!
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