Friday, May 18, 2012

Political boob in Mexico

A Mexican presidential candidate has blamed his poor performance in a televised debate on a voluptuous pair of breasts. They belonged to Miss Julia Orayen, a former Playboy model, who was hired to help manage the event. She naturally chose to perform her duties in a low cut dress, so her fans would instantly recognise her. You can’t blame a show business performer from using a trademark gimmick – it’s no different from Groucho Marx appearing in public with a cigar in hand.

Gabriel Quadri, the aforementioned candidate, claimed that the proximity of Julia’s jahoobies had made him nervous:

“It’s impossible not to concentrate your attention on a woman so spectacular,” he said.

This looks like an exaggeration to me. Difficult, yes. Impossible, no. Mr Quadri should realise that the mark of a statesman is his ability to focus on the issues when a pert bosom is in his field of view. Let's not forget that President Kennedy formulated many policy initiatives when he was motor-boating his secretary. A politician has got to be able to juggle different problems vying for his attention. You can’t whine about breasts when the voters are protesting about the price of eggs. The price of milk, maybe, but not the price of eggs.

Let’s hope Miss Orayen is hired to officiate the US presidential debates. It might encourage the candidates to loosen up and talk about women’s issues instead of acting like the honcho in a poncho. I suspect it would favour President Obama, who must have got used to white girls flaunting their chests at him in his college days. It would just be part of the scenery for him. Romney, on the other hand, has probably never seen his wife’s breasts in broad daylight. I’m guessing he’d break out in a sweat if Julia walked within groping range.

A politician renowned for ogling the female bosom is Dominique Strauss-Kahn, who is to be played by Gerard Depardieu in a forthcoming biopic:

“I will do it, because I don’t like him,” said the potato-faced actor, adding: “I think he’s a bit like all the French, a bit arrogant. I don’t much like the French in any case.”

I think we should respect Gerard’s opinion, even though he’s a Frenchman himself. I don’t know whether DSK is guilty of half the things he’s been accused of, but he clearly thinks he’s entitled to sex on demand, which is an odious and self-defeating attitude.

My old friend Smacker Ramrod had more than his fair share of nookie in his bachelor days, but he took pains over each seduction, recognising that the thrill of the chase was as important as the coup de grâce. Being a true gentleman, he always made the girl think that she had dumped him when it was over, which wasn’t as difficult as it sounds, as in many cases she had actually dumped him. His experiences taught him that you don't fully appreciate the good things of life unless you’ve had to work for them.

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The proximity of Julia's chumbuwumbas would make me nervous too 'cuase that dress has wardrobe malfunction written all over it!!!
that cleavage is bigger than the WATFORD GAP
The guy’s got to “man up” if he’s got any serious political aspirations – what a wuss to blame that poor innocent (??!!) woman for his own failure!
(I read the article – an aide in “sober dress” was requested? Ha!)
Boobs can cause one to lose concentration...even for women...who really have no interest in them.
BUT....I suspect Mitt has seen some boobs...
I suspect Oblah...has NO interest in the boobage whatsoever.....I bet he has his sights on something .....else...You can fill in the blankage.
Come on Monkey ...think outside the box...quit thinking Oblah is the Prince of the world....
I can tell you have some nice regards for him, but we here in the U S of A...aint fooled by his mojo
Oh and....Womens rights.... womens schmights..... peshaw peshaw....
mmmmm. i'd love to show barrack obama my rack.

ooops. i mean, how sexist! women's rights and such like and what not!

anyway, now i have to go and find out who the hell dominique strauss-kahn is.
Imagine if she was on a debate between Bill Clinton and Newt Gringrich. probably turn into a footrace
i'm also not crazy about frenchmen. i suppose being a majordomo in the imf did cement his sense of entitlement.
Well, I will one up Gerard Deparduh or whatever his name is. I will say I don't much like earthlings. I mean seriously, how can he say he does not like the French when he is French? I suppose he is around the French most of the time, so he has about had his full of them. Perhaps he thinks there is some country filled with totally cool, nice people? Well, maybe there is, for all I know. I would sure like to know where it is, so I could move there. In regards to the first part about the politics of boobs... There use to be a time when politicians would shy away from saying really stupid stuff...or at least if they did say something really stupid, they would pay a heavy price for it. For example, President Ford lost an election just for saying he thought that eastern Europe wasn't dominated by the Soviet Union. But then came George W. Bush, and he would constantly say really stupid stuff, but he had really good p.r. people to spin things for he won 2 elections despite his countless gaffes. And in a nut shell, ever since then politicians have been saying idiotic things and getting away with it. Well, gorillas, and gentle readers...I do believe it is time for me to shut up now. God bless you all, and please remember to support your local zoo. Stay classy, San Diego.
What a booby, one way to sabotage you opponent! (noting) : D
Oh dear, that poor woman! Was it some sort of accident or faulty electronics that set her airbags off? I hope she's OK again now.
Breasts are only a distraction to those who have had no experience with them whatsoever. Gabriel Quadri sounds like a whiny school boy.
Keeping it real: You mean you're worried they might pop out? Don't be nervous, I think she could handle it.

John Gray: Is the Watford Gap some kind of gorge? I wouldn't like to measure it, whatever it is.

Beth: A gold star to you for reading the article, Beth. I agree with you 100%. You can't blame a woman for her physical adornments.

Reality Jayne: Do you think the president is an ass-man, Jayne? That would make me admire him even more. I know nothing about his politics, we gorillas don't interfere in human affairs.

Kage: I bet he'd like it, Ms Kage, but Michelle might squirt lemon juice in his eyes. You could show your rack to me without my females getting jealous.

Adam: The winner of that debate would expect to have nuzzling rights backstage.

Billy: Are there any Frenchmen in your neck of Canada, Billy? I hear they want to have their own country.

Jimmy: He can say it because he's a movie star, Jimmy. He belongs to an elite group of poseurs that transcend nationality. That aside, I think you'd be a great news anchorman.

Hannah: Noting? Does that mean you're planning to use your boobs as a weapon, Hannah? I'm sure you could win a debate without resorting to such tactics.

The Owl Wood: A woman with her figure isn't in need of anyone's pity. I hope she cashes in on the publicity.

Steve: He's worse than a whiny school boy. No school boy has ever whined about being distracted by a woman's bust.
ah, no, not me... I've not much of a boobage... guess you get to 'employ' professionals for that sort of sabotage! :)
that dress, GB, is just a bit too much, for any sort of day time event management.
Mitt has never seen his wifes boobies I'm betting. I don't thing that they're allowed to take off their magical underpants, are they? ;)

I'm off to my kids school to make hot dogs and yes.. as a matter of fact, I DO have my CLEV-AGE (said with a french accent) out. :)

What next.Ed 'I want all schools to be above average ' Balls in a mankini.....!
The cool politician would have slipped her a note saying "I have a peanut which is causing me constipation. Meet me in Room 414 after the debate for cocktails and anal massage."

Or maybe that's just the Chinese.
I'm with Hannah about the outfit - dress looks like the front seam has split - she should have bought a larger size. People should have more sympathy for the poor woman - she was obviously the consummate professional to go on - despite displaying her frontage.
Hannah: Maybe you could distract men with your smile, Hannah.

Jaya: It all depends what you're used to, Jaya. I suspect the men in her circle of acquaintances would find it quite modest.

Laura: I'm glad to hear that, Laura. There's no point hiding your assets. Hugs back to you!

Lord Roby: Isn't that what Borat wore? You've got to have decent meat and 2 veg to wear something that.

Chris: Who would lick the anus of a politician? Only another politician, I feel. They aren't as popular as monkeys.

Renka: I think she'd rather have admiration than sympathy. I've got a feeling she enjoys her work.
Oh that woman was trying to manage the event alright! Clever girl...
Sheesh. Even the French don't like the French.
"Romney, on the other hand, has probably never seen his wife’s breasts in broad daylight." <-This gave me a good laugh, GB. Thanks.

I think he's just not cut out for the job. He will need to multitask, and if he can't concentrate with a pair of sweater puppets in the room, then he may not be the man for the gig.
Oh boy, those tits put my cleavage to shaaaame.

You know what they say, if you've got it, flaunt it. And that bitch definately had some serious shit to flaunt!
I read that Sir Tom Jones has found presenter Holly Willoboobies' breasts increasingly distracting in his role as a judge on the BBC's latest TV 'talent' show! In a programme in which you're not supposed to see anything, there was me thinking it was all about the voice!!
“It’s impossible not to concentrate your attention on a woman so spectacular,”

Good save sir, good save.
Juliette: Clever with big boobs, Jules. How many women can boast of that?

Al: It's typically French of the French not to like themselves. They're such poseurs.

Robyn: Glad to have amused you, Robyn! I hope you noted the words "broad daylight". I don't deny he's seen them in the gloom of a moonlit bedroom.

Dr Ken: Very true, Dr Ken, he needs to get into another line of work. Bra salesman, perhaps?

Catherine: You're not supposed to have big tits at your age, Catherine. Why are you so impatient?

Time Warden: I'm glad Sir Tom has still got an eye for a good pair of jugs. I'd expect nothing less of an honorary gorilla.

Matt: I'm not sure what that means, but I'll assume it's a way of expressing approval.
The young lady certainly sports a fine pair of funbags, but was she given any opportunity to comment on the issues under discussion? I suspect not.

Don't worry too much about anyting coming out of G Depardieu's mouth at the mo - the man is suffering from the long term effects of soaking daily in a vat containing 5000 litres of Côte du Rhone.
Is that an alcoholic beverage? I can never tell whether Depardieu is drunk or cogitating profoundly.
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