Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Discriminatory pricing

A shocking case of gender discrimination has erupted in Brazil. A hotel catering for the needs of gay men is charging women over 100 times as much for a room. Douglas Drummond, the tanned and moustachioed owner of the Chilli Pepper Single Hotel, insists the policy is justified by the “different specific care” that women require.

“Everything is directed towards the gay man,” he explained. “The smells, colours and settings are chosen for their comfort.”

Correct me if I’m wrong, but aren’t gay men much closer to women in their preferences for interior design? As far as I can tell, a good many of them have adopted the persona of a bitchy and emotional woman. The excuse given by Drummond is surely nothing but dissembling and prevarication. He ought to hang his head in shame for making women pay through their noses for residing in his establishment. Any fool can see that his aim is to exclude them entirely. He may as well put up a sign saying “No wrinkly butts and women allowed”.

The manager of the safari camp sniggered wickedly when I mentioned this story to him.

“They want to screw them in their purses because they can’t screw them anywhere else!” he chortled obscenely. “Who knows – maybe some women will pay the high rates to watch gay men having sex.”

“Are women interested in such things?” I asked.

“Why wouldn’t they be?” he replied. “Men love watching lesbians, don’t they?”

His premise that men and women are symmetric in their pornographic preferences was questionable. I doubt that women admire men’s bodies as much as men admire theirs. Flashers don’t get arrested unless they are men.

One shouldn’t assume, of course, that the only reason for a woman to stay in a hotel full of gay men would be to engage in voyeurism. Many gay men have doting mothers who would wish to accompany them on their vacations. And let’s not forget all the fag-hags who like to go on shopping trips with their gay boyfriends. It would be totally wrong to charge such women punitive rates in a misguided attempt to create a gay ghetto. The biggest poof on Earth would get bored of staying in a place like that.

I’m not suggesting, of course, that the hotel should open its doors to any woman who contracted a whim to hang out with gay men. Some women clearly lack the necessary interpersonal skills. An example of such is Dr Elizabeth Jasiak, the Polish psychiatrist who is facing a disciplinary hearing for addressing her colleagues by nicknames such as “Mr Pieface” and “Sausage Tits”. I don’t think gay men could handle that kind of abuse from a domineering woman. A good many of them might flounce off in a huff.

The common-sense solution would be to vet any woman who booked a room to make sure she had experience of gay men and understood their peculiar sensitivities. I should imagine a short questionnaire could sort out the sheep from the goats.

A hotel for gay men? I bet it is spotlessly clean and smells wonderful. He ought to start a chain; he'd make a fortune.
I don't know if you ever heard of the show "Bosom Buddies." It starred famous actor Tom Hanks (this was very early in his career), and supposedly the only place he and his buddy could afford to live was this one hotel, but it was a hotel for women only. So he and his buddy dress up as women, and pretend to be chicks, just to live there. Bosom Buddies Well, I think you know where I am going with this...
Think how nice a gay ghetto would be!
LOL I bet it is decorated just as nice as the Martha Stewart wing at the prison in WV too. :)
Interesting. Why not make the hotel for gay men only? Perhaps that's illegal. I must say that the men playing twister are rather easy on the eyes. But if I know they're inaccessible, I'm not interested in any amount of voyeurism. Twister, perhaps. Voyeurism, no.

i didn't get to where i am today by worrying about the sensitivities of gay men.
That's totally discrimination. Lesbians are welcome into my twister games any time they wish. I'm very forward thinking like that.
Steve: Don't exaggerate. Gay men don't smell better than women and I'm not convinced they're tidier either.

Jimmy: Are you suggesting that women should disguise themselves as gay men to get into the hotel at normal rates? Frankly, I'm not sure they could pull it off.

The Jules: Don't talk until you've lived in one.

Gossip girl: I would guess the gay hotel has better colour coordination and a more interesting range of artefacts, Ms Gossip. There are limits to what you can do in a prison.

Robyn: Thanks for explaining how women are different, Robyn. Women need the fantasy whereas men just look at the flesh.

Billy: I bet you didn't, Billy, but you wouldn't call them names like "Sausage Tits" would you?

Dr Ken: I should have mentioned that the ladies in the lower picture are a married couple. Would they be welcome to your twister game?
To paraphrase a wise old, rather grouchy gentleman: 'I wouldn't stay in any hotel that would have me as a guest'.

It looks like Nellie Hell if you ask me.

Just sayin'.
Leaving the gay hotel to one very decorative side, I'm intrigued as to how anyone could come up with "sausage tits" as a nickname.

In the course of my life I have seen several pairs of tits (possibly, I would hazard, a larger selection than the good doctor) and I cannot recall any of them looking even remotely like sausages.

Could she be refering to the smell, I wonder? Though how a pair of knorks, even a pair of man-breasts, could end smelling of sausage is beyond me.
once a gay friend of mine left his camera at my place, and i had nothing much to do that noon, so i was going through the pics when i saw some of the bedroom actions including role plays. it was disturbing at so many levels. so no, i wouldnt pay to watch gay men have sex.
well, he knew i saw the pics and he was so proud that i did. but he is one hell of a crazy gay man i know.
Ah well, must have a good reason... misogynist! Watching gay men sex, hmm, thanks, but no thanks. :)
I read your article on Anna Faris. An important story, no doubt. But my cynical side suspects it may have been just an excuse to post a picture of Anna's highly attractive rear end.
Well per haps he is from some bizzare christian sect that think women should stay at home?
Of course it is discrimination but do they have laws over there for that?
Perhaps he is afraid she will convert his customers straight?
The Owl Wood: Nellie Hell? That sounds like a great title for a spoof of Annie Hall.

Jon: I'm sure she is referring to the shape. Don't forget that she's a lesbian who buys the thickest sausages available in the market.

Jaya: He must have been disappointed you didn't like the pictures - gay men can be pretty vain.

Hannah: You don't want to watch gay men? So why do men like watching lesbians?

Jimmy: I shall ignore your ignoble slur and give you a gold star for reading a post in my archives. The tail never wags the dog in this neck of the jungle.

Charlie: Do you know of a gay man who's been straightened out by a woman? I'm sure a lot of women have tried, but I've never heard of a successful attempt.
as a fag-hag, i am appalled and deeply insulted to be discriminated against by this hotel. as a chick who doesn't want to watch a bunch of dudes humping, i am so relieved to be discriminated against by this hotel.
A hotel for gay men.... not in Hollywood!!! Well I support this establishment.... but wonder? Do they charge as much for straight men to stay there as women?
Well, I for one am glad that that wasn't a picture of Naked Twister.
HA! No thanks. In fact, that hotel owner should pay ME $100 to listen to his shizz-nit. I guess this is what goes "down" in Brazil.
Exactly what I ask - why do men like watching two chicks at it... It's beyond me... Doesn't do anything for me for, watching the ....
Kage: The sight of dudes humping shouldn't bother a gourmet fag-hag. You must like them just for their bitchy talk.

Madmen: I think straight men pay the same rates as gays, but how many could bear other dudes checking out their butts?

Al: It's called "Groper" when they're naked.

Dawn: Hello and welcome, Dawn! Aren't you the tiniest bit curious about what gay men get up to?

Hannah: Maybe men fantasize about being the meat in a lesbian sandwich.
I think Dr Elizabeth should go and stay there and call Mr Drummond "sausage tits" when he gives her the bill!
Hah! I'm not sure it would bother him too much as long as she paid up, Jules. Drummond seems like a hard-nosed type and his tits are nothing like sausages.
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