Sunday, January 04, 2004

Girls I'd like to spank

  • Miss Scarlet-Blue

  • Ms Kage

  • Sabrina in Malaysia

  • Rachel Noy

  • Miss Frisky Virgin

  • Ms Vodka and ground beef

  • Ms Blunt Delivery

  • Miss Gucci Mama

  • Sarah

  • Mermaid of Moorgate

  • Miss Naughty Girl

  • Miss Nuvalostlamb

  • Miss Letty Cruz

  • Comments:
    LOL!!!!!!! OMG!!! I just happened to stumble across this! Hahahahahaha

    I would luuurrrve to be spanked by you GB :p
    Oh but i'm wrote this in 2004 but i only started blogging in 2006!!!!!!!

    I'm quite offended not to be in this category, GB... is my posterior not enticing to all species?? x
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