Sunday, January 11, 2004

Scotch men

  • Dr Maroon

  • Che the Franco-Scot

  • Kav's blog

  • Dr Joseph McCrumble

  • Average McTosser

  • Jimmy Bastard

  • Comments:
    If any creature was more likely to nit-pick, I would have put that honour quite happily at the feet of a rather gregarious ape.

    However.. I shall take the lead on this occasion, and inform you of the glaring faux pas in your title category above.

    'Scotch' is a term used for a drink in the far off land of Amerikay.

    'Scottish' is a word used to define a man's heritage and birthright.

    Hence, I am a Scot, I am classed as Scottish, but I am no Scotch.

    ...and if I really wanted to split hairs my friend, I'm actually Irish by birth.

    Just saying!
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