Monday, September 19, 2005

Fat women should straddle them

What should be done with the adolescent human male? Left to his own devices he is disruptive, rebellious and yearning with sexual desire. Allow him to socialise with his peer group and they will congregate in marauding groups looking for someone to victimize. In gorilla society, the young males are simply driven away by the alpha. They live a life on the margins until they are strong enough to maintain their own harem. Humans, it seems, are too soft hearted to do this. In any case, the young human male is probably quite unable to fend for himself in your complex society.

My preferred solution would be to force them to work as sex slaves for older women. These women would be unattractive spinsters, unable to find a mature mate, but harbouring the normal desires of the human female. They should also be big and fat enough to be able to overpower the young male and compel his obedience.

From what I understand about the young human male, he would be unable to avoid copulation, no matter how undesirable he found the woman. His dick more or less has a mind of its own when it is touched. The woman could just tie him to her bed, play around with him for a minute, and then straddle him from above to satisfy her lust. I feel that this kind of work experience would teach the young human male some important lessons about life – that he who lives by power alone may one day succumb to it, that endless copulation does not bring lasting happiness, and that fat women are human beings worthy of respect.

It’s a pity that life’s lessons so often have to be learned through unpleasant experiences, but unfortunately there is no easy way of brainwashing a youngster into good sense and maturity. The exception that proves the rule is Master Joe 90, and I leave you with his
theme music.

And in what way would this be a punishment? It seems like the greatest of rewards to me
El Barbudo may have a point, GB. You underestimate how horny and sexually frustrated these young ruffians can be. Many would be quite content to shag sheep. The only way it could work is by shaming them if it became public knowledge.
Reminds me of a story from a "Gender and Politics" course a (female) friend took.

One female student in the tutorial was complaining, "All men want is sex and food!"

The lone male in the tutorial thought for a moment then replied, "Yeah, I'll pay that."
Nah, why limit it just to fat ugly women? I say, every women should have the opportunity to have their own personal sex slave.

That would be fabulous and no woman would ever again say
'All men want is sex and food.' Cos we are getting it too!
Hi GB,

As the great anthropologist of our time, you might enjoy today's entry at which looks at the different attitude women had towards their mating partners over 50 years ago
Thanks jokemail, I did read it. It seems to me that once the human female no longer needs a male provider she becomes like a queen bee in search of drones. I don't see anything wrong with this as long as she mates frequently and produces a good brood.
This is pretty cool, in my opinion. The sexual equivalent to mandatory military service, like in Isreal.
After a few too many pints, my friend turned around a few weeks ago and declared he loved shagging fat women.

Apparently the trick is not to thrust but swivel.

Incase anyone was interested in knowing.
My slave is unemployed right now, so I have him "working" around the house. He's an ape.
this is an excellent idea. seriously tho, the 'silver back' gorilla drives the young males off by brute force...a young human male buys a handgun and cheats his way into power. just ain't right.
love it
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